Recruitment FAQ

GENTOP Inc. values talents.

Occasional recruitment
It is a language certificate, OAS, and a work certificate.
Yes, even if it is a little short, it can be supported and will be reviewed and decided upon paper screening.
You can apply for the graduation schedule.
Yes, I would like to acknowledge those who have completed double majors or courses.
Please indicate your desired salary.
Two hours including wait time.
Yes, interviews are being conducted whenever suitable candidates are available.
Proceed to the first and second executive interview.
Yes, please submit your original copy of our job application, a cover letter, a certificate of graduation(scheduled), and a copy of your license.
Yes, you can adjust it after discussing it in advance. If you do not attend the interviews, you will be asked to pass the document in advance.
Evaluate whether the interests of the company are relevant to the company and the award of the company’s human resources. Evaluate whether the company ‘s Knowledge and capabilities are  relevant to its function.
Only those who passed will be notified individually.
You will be hired immediately after the final interview.
Please apply for immediate attendance after the interview.
Work related training will be conducted after entering the company.
Yes, we have a three-month probation.
I hope that many people who can adapt themselves to our organization culture and support us, and prepare us carefully based on their jobs and experiences.