CEO Greetings

I would like to give you all a hearty welcome for visiting the website of GENTOP Inc.

Hello, everyone. This is GENTOP Incorporation.
For a business to continuously develop in the midst of the business environment in which various technologies advance and change every day, the understanding that a business must not only pursue economic gains but also fulfill social and environmental responsibilities is widely spreading.
To keep pace with these changes, we, GENTOP Inc. is developing various activities to increase the company value.

GENTOP Inc., as a system development specialized business, has automatic control, management section control, and management of the integrated remote surveillance measurement automatic control system as the start, concentrates on the best system supply such as parking control and access control system and thorough follow-up management, and has done its best with the spirit of business focused on prioritizing clients.

In addition, since its foundation in 2004, the company has strived to expand the key national business system and has pushed forward in the current overseas new business expansion based on the solid financial structure and accumulated technology and experience.

Within the company, the ethical management was reinforced and by setting youth and spirit at the head, the company has born again as an innovative organization; by providing faithful construction and the best services, the company tries to fulfill customer satisfaction.
In the future, GENTOP Inc. will develop sustainable management, abundant technical skills, and experience so that the company fulfill its social mission and responsibilities and can become a business that presents better future with advanced technology.

Thank you.

All the executives and staff members of GENTOP Inc.