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Post 2018 Career Certifications Notice

2018-02-02 07:22
★ Don't ask, I respectfully decline.

◆ Recruiting field and application qualification

1. Recruitment Department : Register of business properties / R&D Technology Support Division

2. Recruiting areas :
Register of business properties(Accounting/Manager, two people)
R&D Technology Support Division(Technical staff,A licence holder Four or more persons)

3. Work style (common) : permanent employee(Apply a Schedule Adaptation Period, Maximum of 3 months)

4. Performance(Register of business properties)

- Work in charge : Construction accounting/bookkeeping/Manager

- Primary investigation office : ROK government and defense ministry,Other government investment agencies, overseas(Cambodia&Laos)*Headquarters are Private transaction 100% of all government agencies Transaction We're heading for it.

- College graduation (2-3 years) or more
- Accounting/bookkeeping/Manager
- Finance/Labor/Personnel management
- Manufacturing/the construction industry/Administrative

5. Performance(R&D Technology Support Division)

- Assigned task : Technical staff

- Service department : R&D Technology Support Division And corporate-building laboratories

- An engineering college Graduate, an engineering college Must hold a national certificate of qualifications when graduating from the U.S

- National accreditation status(Korea Human Resources Development Service) Acquirer : electricity, electron, Information communication, mechanical engineering The holder of a required or appropriate resume

6. Qualifications for application(Common)
- A career worker
- A preferential licence holder(Industrial Engineer's Incorporation)
- An English speaker
- Favor of owners of self-disciplined vehicles
- Preference for graduates of the corresponding department

7. Working condition(Common)
- According to work ethic and contribution Providing Human Personality Incentive
- Working days : Saturday shift(Depends on project in charge)
- Our wage system is Rank and duration Tapagon, All-encompany Introduction of a pay raise system

8. Method of support(Common)
- Support for homepages( ※ Be sure to fill out and attach our job application form)
- The only person who passed the screening process Interview trial time Submission of additional documents
- Interview material : Resume, A letter of self-introduction, Certificate of graduation (scheduled), Certified copy of resident registration, A copy of a license
- The recruitment documents are valid until the deadline for application, No submitted documents are returned.

9. Screening process(Common)
- Application for job application received -> Document screening -> Interview screening -> An examination for the employment -> Final acceptance
- Last time I passed : Individual communication after screening for interviews

10. Other matters(Common)
- We will apply for the job application via this recruitment page and the person in the home page. No other individual applications will be accepted.
- If the entries are incorrect, the acceptance may be canceled.
- When the final pass is decided after consultation, individual experiences are considered.
- Read the recruitment announcement carefully and support.
- Please make sure to pocket your suit when interviewing and it will be canceled after the interview time.
- Preference for qualified employees who are qualified or qualified for office automation and information processing industry articles
- Preferred car ownership (owners) : frequent visits to government offices due to business characteristics
- Only 70 % of the training procedures used in the three months of probation apply. Please keep in mind the benefits and support

11. Inquiry((Common)
- Please read the offer carefully and apply thoroughly, and do not call me.

Employment method

  • Regular employment
  • Recruitment on demand

Employment procedure

  • 1Step : Document examination
  • 2Step : Working-level official interview (Results are given individually)
  • 3Sstep : Executive interview

Required documents

The company’s job application format, diploma (graduate, graduate-to-be), evidential documents (foreign language, certificate, etc.), a copy of resident registration, career description form (submitted documents are not returned), Men of national merit and war veterans are given preference based on the related law.


This refers to a person who creates new things with endless challenge and challenging spirit, takes pride in the organization and in the work, and takes on challenges regarding the future.


A person who has undying enthusiasm, endless passion, and keeps the original intention all the time
This refers to a person who self-initiates his/her learning, possess passion regarding his/her work, and does not settle for the present.

Considerate people of GENTOP who think of one another

A warm-hearted person with consideration and communication
A person who can create new values through communication, consideration, and cooperation disregarding the walls within and outside the organization, the class, and generations

Annuity insurance National pension (employment insurance), occupational health and safety insurance (employment insurance), and health insurance (employment insurance) About Meals Lunch provided, dinner provided, snack time, refrigerator in the office, microwave in the office, drinks provided (tea and coffee), cafeteria (company cafeteria)
Salary system Rewards long-term employees, rewards excellent staff, severance pay provided Transportation/Commute Expenses for gas provided; there are company cars.
Company atmosphere No appellations/ranks, focuses on talent training, high-speed promotion possible, family-like atmosphere Supplies Laptop, dual monitors, company badge, company journal, company calendar, company writing articles, employee card (membership card)
Holidays Presents for holidays/expenses for visiting home, and presents for foundation day provided, birthday gifts/party, wedding anniversary gifts support fund/loan Employees loan system, supports various family occasions
Mecial/Health Physical examination Holiday/Vacations Regular breaks, family occasion leaves, vacation bonus
Dress code Casual, Uniform provided Company events The kick-off meeting for the year, end of year ceremony, foundation day, an awards ceremony for excellent staff, workshops, Pep rally/MT, outing